Fitting Out Your Commercial Kitchen

Is Your Sewing Machine Constantly Swallowing Fabric?

If you have recently taken up sewing, you are bound to encounter some frustrating moments with your machine. However, as a newbie, you may be leaning toward taking your equipment for repairs when there is any sign of problems, when in some cases some simple troubleshooting may help alleviate your problem. One standard issue that comes about when starting out with a new sewing machine is the continual swallowing of fabric. Read More 

Enjoy the perfect coffee at a time that suits you

Are you a passionate coffee lover? Do you want to purchase a coffee machine for your home or business? Whether you prefer the sleek appearance of La Marzocco coffee machines or quality reputation of Expobar coffee machines the one area where you won't want to compromise is the taste of coffee. The good news is that hiring or purchasing a coffee machine for your home or commercial organisation will allow you to offer the rich taste of premium coffee to your employees or customers or to simply enjoy a great coffee experience in the comfort of your own home. Read More 

Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Cold Room Hire

If you need a temporary cold room, such as for an outdoor event or for the short-term storage of computer equipment or perishable foodstuffs, you can actually rent a portable cold room and have it delivered to your location. This can give you the refrigerated area you require for your short-term needs, without overworking an inside air conditioner or trying to buy enough ice for an event. Whatever your needs for the temporary cold room, note a few important questions you'll want to ask when arranging cold room hire so you know you'll get the right model for your needs and know everything involved in its use. Read More 

Prolonging Your Window AC Unit’s Life

In some parts of the world, air conditioning is a necessity even for young, healthy people. In others, having comfortable air inside the house is just nice. Whether your window AC units are essentials or luxuries, these tips will help you get many hours of cool air from them. Before you start, make sure the AC is unplugged. You should also put the unit on a stable surface designed to handle its weight. Read More 

Not Nice for the Mice: What to Do If Mice Make Themselves at Home Inside Your Air Conditioner

Some people are scared of mice, and some people find them to be adorable. Whatever your opinion of them might be, it's unlikely that you would want to unwittingly share your home with them. It's not something that should be a common occurrence, and yet it's still possible for wild mice to find their way into the inner workings of your air conditioner unit. Naturally, it's not an ideal environment for the mice, but it's also not something that you will want to happen for the sake of your family's well-being (not to mention for the sake of your air conditioner too). Read More