Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Cold Room Hire

If you need a temporary cold room, such as for an outdoor event or for the short-term storage of computer equipment or perishable foodstuffs, you can actually rent a portable cold room and have it delivered to your location. This can give you the refrigerated area you require for your short-term needs, without overworking an inside air conditioner or trying to buy enough ice for an event. Whatever your needs for the temporary cold room, note a few important questions you'll want to ask when arranging cold room hire so you know you'll get the right model for your needs and know everything involved in its use.

Ask about indoor or outdoor storage

The bottoms of exterior portable cold rooms may be more durable and rugged, and units meant for outdoor events or storage may have a stronger motor and cooler to withstand outdoor temperatures. An indoor unit may be more lightweight so that it doesn't damage interior flooring, and it may not have such a strong motor and blower inside.

Also, indoor units will usually require some air circulation around them, just like outdoor units, so you may need to downsize the unit you choose for an interior room to ensure there is enough clearance between its vents and nearby walls. Be sure to ask about the differences in these coolers when arranging your rental, and choose either an indoor or outdoor unit according to your particular needs.

Ask about interior storage versus overall footprint

Note that the overall footprint or size of the unit doesn't mean that this is the amount of storage offered inside, as the walls of a temporary cold room are typically very thick, reducing the interior storage space. One wall in particular may be covering the motor and blower, so that it also reduces the interior storage. Ask about the amount of interior storage and the unit's exterior footprint, and choose a temporary cold room that offers the storage you need while also ensuring it will actually fit inside your facility!

Note the actual temperature offered

There is often a difference between a unit advertised as a chiller or cold room and an actual freezer. Some chillers are just insulated, so items stay cool but not cold. Others may cool the interior space, but no more so than a standard refrigerator. If you need to actually freeze items, be sure you ask for a freezer in particular, and note the temperature the unit can maintain so you know your items will stay safely frozen while in storage.